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Our Preschool From Home Platform World Class Teachers

Limited Preschool Teachers

  • Unfortunately, preschool teachers have been severely under-compensated and undervalued relative to the enormous value they provide for society by helping children develop.
  • After reviewing over 50 years' worth of annual shareholder reports and interviews of preschool organization executives, we found the number one complaint has always been a lack of excellent preschool teacher talent. 
  • ​Even when many preschools ARE able to hire excellent teachers, they fail to keep them long-term because of the low pay. This is why many talented preschool teachers have been changing career paths and leaving many parents with little options.

This Affects Us All

  • We understand preschool is more than just daycare. As discerning parents ourselves, we all want the best early education quality for our children.
  • ​We shouldn't have to settle for less by leaving our children's development and success in life to programs whose staff are barely-qualified to lead them.
  • Numerous studies from University of Chicago Professor James Heckman, pediatrician Dr. L:aura Jana, the Harvard Center on the Developing Child, and psychologist Dr. Michael Gurian all point to the same conclusion: having an excellent early education drastically influences our children's success in adulthood.
  • The best way to ensure your child's early education is successful, is to pair him/her with an excellent preschool teacher.

The Best Of The Best

  • ​By leveraging our 150+ combined years of early education experience, our leadership team has developed one of the most reputable, trusted brands for recruiting preschool teachers of the highest qualifications. 
  • Our school scrutinizes thousands of teacher applications every single week, while hand picking only the best of the best to move to the next step in our long qualification process.
  • ​Not only that - we've made a near-science out of onboarding, managing, and providing professional development for our teachers, who consistently outperform 95% of America's teachers.
  • ​Every family enrolled in our program will be paired with such a thoroughly-vetted, highly-qualified, and carefully-trained Preschool Teacher -- you'll be thankful you had them set your child up for success in these crucial formative years. 
    Miss Alice - Lead Educator & Preschool Teacher
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