Let's face it, you've now got 2 and a half full-time jobs: one is whatever you do for work full-time, and the other 1.5 is taking care of your kids (because we all know that's a full-time job and then some). 

Due to the shutdown of preschools since March, obviously you have to keep your kids at home with you. 

Because nobody had a crystal ball (and nobody does still), it makes sense why, at first, many moms figured "OK I guess it'll be chaos for a few weeks at home, but then all the preschools will reopen so we can send our kids back and go back to normal." 

It hasn't happened. Sadly, it doesn't look like it will in a way that's safe and dependable for as long as 2 years, according to a recent projection from Harvard scientists. 

Even if preschools DO reopen in July at the soonest, a few things are going to happen: 

1) COVID-19 will still exist, and still be just as infectious as before; just because human beings decide we should reopen, that doesn't change the reality of the virus 

2) Knowing that preschools and childcare centers are historically a hotbed for infection every flu season, we can safely assume that there is quite a good deal of risk associated with sending kids back to preschool too early   

3) many states in the U.S. will enforce stringent social distancing guidelines that REDUCE the number of available spots at every preschool  

4) as a consequence of #3, very many of the for-profit, privately-held preschools will go out of business; and very many of the non-profit or government-run preschools will suffer financially (i.e., from faltering donations and shrunk budgets) as our entire economy suffers 

5) conclusion: lots of parents will keep their kids at home out of concern for everyone's safety, while many more who would like to put their kids in preschool won't find spots available! 

(by the way, the most recognized evaluator of preschool quality in the U.S., called NAEYC, has said that less than 10% of all preschools in America are considered "high-quality". So if finding a high-quality preschool is on your agenda, it'll be even harder during the pandemic... and it was already hard beforehand). 


Well, assuming you're stuck at home with your kids for at least the rest of 2020 (if not 2021)... It is high time to talk about developing a STRATEGY. Let's get tactical -- you owe it to yourself to stop reacting to your day-to-day, moment-to-moment obligations. You owe it to yourself to have a way of dealing with this new reality that we were all unprepared for. 

I'm asking you right now to DROP the to-do's you're working on, take a deep breath, and take a huge step back. 

Why should you develop a care & education strategy for your kids? Because we simply don't know when brick & mortar preschools will be able to SAFELY reopen, which means planning for the worst case scenario is the best way to get you what you really want. 

What is "worst case scenario?" Current lockdown circumstances continue for another 1-2 years. Possibly longer. 

(The beauty of planning for this worst case scenario is that you can also add in a simple exception where, if preschools are able to safely reopen sooner than 2021 or 2022, great! Just rush to the front of the line at a high-quality preschool and get your kid in. Bribe the Director, whatever you have to do!) 

SO WHAT IS THIS STRATEGY? Check out my other blogpost, which is dedicated to just that! 

Jason Bern

Jason Bern is the Founder of Ready Education Group. He leads a team of dedicated early childhood educational experts who are specialized in helping families care for, engage, and educate their preschoolers -- whether in a real-life physical preschool or remotely from home. 

If you're interested in making the balance between kids and work from home more manageable, then definitely reach out and request a free application call today.

Jason Bern

Jason Bern is the Founder of Ready Education Group. 
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